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[Tutorial] Installing Java on a Synology ARMv5 or PPC NAS
15-01-2014, 20:23
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RE: [Tutorial] Installing the 'Java SE for Embedded' package on a Synology NAS
(02-10-2013 18:27)simoncn Wrote:  
(01-10-2013 20:26)winxi Wrote:  This is the first version of this tutorial and I'd appreciate feedback on how to improve it. Also, I hope that this is the right forum section for this.

Thanks very much for doing this! I think it will be a great help for new users. Yes, it is the right forum section.

I think it would be useful to add similar instructions for installing Java on an x86-based NAS using Synology Java Manager. This would need to be produced by someone who has an x86-based Synology NAS. I happen to have one of these myself, and I'll work on producing this information in the next week or so.


I have a DS214j and have big problems to install java..

I get this

Java SE for Embedded 7

Kunne ikke installere pakken.

I was expecting the file /volume1/public/ejre-7u51-fcs-b13-linux-arm-sflt-headless-18_dec_2013.tar.gz. Please agree to the Oracle licence at, then download the 'ARMv5 Linux - Headless EABI, SoftFP ABI, Little Endian' package and place it in the 'public' shared folder on your NAS. This download cannot be automated even if displaying a package EULA could potentially cover the legal aspect, because files hosted on Oracle's server are protected by a session cookie requiring a JavaScript enabled browser.
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