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[Tutorial] Installing Java on a Synology ARMv5 or PPC NAS
01-10-2013, 20:26 (This post was last modified: 26-04-2015 13:05 by winxi.)
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[Tutorial] Installing Java on a Synology ARMv5 or PPC NAS
The recommended method to install Java depends on the processor of your NAS. Please see the section 'Installing Java' of the MinimServer installation guide for a Synology NAS to find out which processor your NAS has. For Intel and ARMv7 NAS models it is recommended to install Java using the official Synology Java Manager. Please see the section Installing Java (Intel and ARMv7 models) for detailed instructions. For ARMv5 and PPC models you have to use the 'Java SE for Embedded' package from patters.

This guide will cover the latter method for ARMv5 and PPC models. With the 'Java SE for Embedded' package it is possible to install Java 6, 7 and 8. In general, it is recommended to use the latest version. The following guide is based on installing Java 8 on a DS211 running DSM 5.0.

In short, the installation procedure consists of the following steps:
1) Registering with Oracle, downloading the right Java archive and uploading it to the 'public' shared folder of your NAS.
2) Adding the repository URL from patters to the Package Center.
3) Installing the 'Java SE for Embedded' package using the Package Center.

These steps will be discussed in detail in the following:

1) Downloading Java. Open the link, review and accept the License Agreement, and download the Java SE Embedded archive which is appropriate for your NAS.

For ARMv5 models, download the file
and for PPC models, download the file
Please note that these file names may not be the actual ones, as the version and date parts are subject to change.

Use the Synology File Station to upload the Java archive file to a shared folder named 'public' on your NAS. Shared folders are top-level folders which can be created using the DSM: 'Control Panel' -> 'File Sharing' -> 'Shared Folder'.

Please note the following important points:
a) You have to register an account with Oracle to be able to download the Java archive.
b) I will try to keep the file names from above up to date, but they may vary in the version number and the date. The 'Java SE for Embedded' package usually requires the most recent Java archive file.
c) In case you've just set up a new NAS, the 'public' shared folder may not be there. In this case you have to create it manually.
d) Some browsers cause problems when downloading the Java archive in that they rename or extract the downloaded file automatically. See the notes in the section Installing Java (ARMv5 and PowerPC models).

2) Adding the repository URL. From the DSM main menu, open the Package Center and click on Settings to open the settings dialog (Screenshot 1). In the settings dialog, go to the Package Sources tab and click on Add. In the Add dialog, copy and paste the repository URL to the 'Location:' text field and click OK two times to apply the repository URL (Screenshot 2). To check whether adding the repository URL has been successful, go to the Community tab of the Package Center and look for the package 'Java SE for Embedded 8' (Screenshot 3).

3) Installing Java. Now install Java from the Community tab in the Package Center. If everything went fine before, the installation will be successful and you can proceed with installing MinimServer. To check for a working Java installation, open the log of the 'Java SE for Embedded 8' package in the Package Center. If you see a log message similar to the one in Screenshot 4, you are done.

I hope that this tutorial will be useful and I'd appreciate feedback on how to improve it.

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