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[Tutorial] Installing Java on a Synology ARMv5 or PPC NAS
12-11-2014, 16:21 (This post was last modified: 12-11-2014 16:22 by DavidHB.)
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RE: [Tutorial] Installing Java on a Synology ARMv5 or PPC NAS
(12-11-2014 15:38)pinchi22 Wrote:  Should I also install MimimServer on my Mac? (Yes, I did read instructions, but it's not clear to me. Music files are stored on my Synology NAS).

No. The general rule is that MinimServer is installed on the device where the music files are kept, and MinimWatch is installed on the device used to control MinimServer if that is different.

If you had music files stored on your Mac, you would then need MinimServer on the Mac to serve those files. You can run different copies of MinimServer on different devices on the same network, but you can't (yet) run multiple instances of MinimServer on the same device.

By way of example, I have separate but identical copies of my music library on my PC and on my NAS (so as to maintain a backup). I run MinimServer on the NAS for normal listening, and control it from MinimWatch on the PC. I also have MinimServer installed on the PC to access the copy of the library on the PC, mainly for test purposes, as I do all the ripping and tagging on the PC.

I hope that this explains things.

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