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Linn DS, and multiple MAC OS machines
07-06-2012, 13:12
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RE: Linn DS, and multiple MAC OS machines
(07-06-2012 07:36)minidravid Wrote:  An Update
I edited the properties and changed the content directory to /users/xx/music and this worked showing the music in Kinsky on my Mac Pro. Prior to this the content directory was /volumes/ext_Harddrive/music which did not work

Please can you try the following. (Note: I've tested this on Lion, but the steps might be a bit different on Snow Leopard.)

1) Mount the external drive
2) Open the external drive in the Finder
3) Select the external drive's folder containing your music
4) Click the finder's "cog" icon and select Get Info
5) Under the "General" tab, you'll see an entry "Where:". You need to type this value into the MinimServer contentDir property field exactly as shown. For example, if it's shown as /Volumes/Extdrive, you need to type this with capitals for "V" and "E".
6) In the contentDir property field, add the folder name to the end of the "Where" information, preceded by a / character. Again, this name must be typed exactly as it's shown in the Finder window. For example, if the folder name is shown as "Music" in the Finder window, you would need to type /Volumes/Extdrive/Music in the contentDir field, with a capital "M" for Music.
7) Press OK to save this contentDir property value, then select Restart to restart MinimServer.

Please let me know if this works for you. It works for me with MinimServer 0.31 on Mac OS X Lion and an external USB drive.
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07-06-2012, 15:56
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RE: Linn DS, and multiple MAC OS machines
Hi Simon
The Content Dir in the Properties menu matches the "where" field.
That being said, I unistalled everything including Kinsky, rebooted the IMAC and reinstalled everything and now things are working!!!! Not sure why but all good now Smile. Thanks for the great support!.
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