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Best iPad App for MinimlServer
26-03-2024, 19:12 (This post was last modified: 26-03-2024 19:14 by simbun.)
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RE: Best iPad App for MinimlServer
(26-03-2024 18:21)Peter@57m Wrote:  I can reproduce what you are seeing and Lumin consistently does a re-index until those albums are deleted.

I will continue to have a play to see if I can isolate what's going on.

This particular example could simply be because Lumin isn't recording how many albums MinimServer reported the last time it was queried. The next time Lumin is opened, MinimServer reports 11 but Lumin has 13 so it rescans.

That doesn't explain why you saw it though without using the Group tag, unless you had something in your tagUpdate script that could have caused an album count disparity.
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