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Sort Order from Minimserver
07-11-2023, 23:09
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Sort Order from Minimserver
Hi Simon,
Not sure if it is my configuration of minimserver or my control app bubbleDS but while the order in my NAS has the files in alphabetical order, what I see when browsing with bubbleds control app in folder view is an order I cannot recognise or analyse.

It is possible my tagging is slightly screwed but why I am writing is to ask what is the best order for debugging the problem. Where should I look first and how should I use debugging tools that are built in please?

My setup is all on lan with Qnap NAS serving my multimedia sound files and various renderers, usually a LinnDS on the same subnet.
Control point is bubbleDS on Samsung android phone.
All systems and apps are up to date.

Grateful for any advice when you have a moment. System working but browsing in folder mode not using tags is when the problem arises. Strangely I think the tags are working as required but of course I cannot easily find if any works are missing. The folder view is where I am having the problem.

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08-11-2023, 08:18
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RE: Sort Order from Minimserver
When browsing a folder in [folder view], files within that folder are sorted first by album name, then by track number, then by track title. You can change this order by setting the folder.sortTags option in the tagOptions property (see this section).
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