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Recording a radio station
09-02-2023, 15:55
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Recording a radio station
I can't get the record working. It says the id is incorrect. I put an asterisk before the web url but it doesn't accept it. What do I use for the streamer I'd?
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09-02-2023, 16:57
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RE: Recording a radio station
You can use any alphanumeric string for the stream ID. For example, if you have a playlist containing these lines:

#EXTINF:-1,[R3;aac,48000] BBC Radio 3

it would show in your control point as

[R3] BBC Radio 3

and you can start a recording by setting stream.record to:


To ensure you have a predictable fixed stream ID for making recordings, you should not use an asterisk for the stream ID. The asterisk is intended as a convenience for streams that will not be recorded. If you use an asterisk, MinimStreamer creates an arbitrary unique string to use for the stream ID. You will see this string (for example, $1) when you browse the playlist using MinimServer. The string should work for recordings but it might change when you edit your playlists.
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