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Profiles Not Working Properly
17-03-2022, 20:43
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RE: Profiles Not Working Properly
Thanks for the feedback.
I now understand your comments regarding the need to check the parameters by first applying them in the 'Properties | System' tag. It appears that if these are incorrect they get removed when imported and hence explains why they are missing from my profiles. A warning of a change to the imported settings would be useful.

I have rectified the settings but have some confusion with the proposed method and what gets applied and to which profile.

The above image displays different parameters between the profile and what is in the properties. They can't both be utilised if they are different!
May I suggest the 'Properties | System' tag and the Profile content are synchronised to ensure they both automatically display the same parameters for the selected (active) profile.

As a compromise, and because I find this method easier to control and be sure of what settings I have, I now first check the parameters in the 'Properties | System' tag, apply them in notepad and then import them. This way I get a backup of each profile plus an easier and quicker way to edit and use them if I make common changes.
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