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Profiles Not Working Properly
17-03-2022, 10:16
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RE: Profiles Not Working Properly
To create a new profile, do the following:

1) From the Profiles page, use the Select tab to set the default profile as your active profile.

2) From the Profiles page, use the Create tab to create a new profile. This new profile is now your active profile and has the same settings as your current profile. Effectively, this is cloning your current profile.

3) Right-click the MinimServer minim icon and select Properties to open the Properties window. Use the Properties window to change the settings of the new profile that you created in step 2). The Properties window will check to make sure you don't set anything to an incorrect value.

4) You now have two profiles: your original default profile and the new profile that you created in step 2) and customised in step 3). You can view the contents of these profiles using the View tab of the Profiles page and you can switch between them using the Select tab of the Profiles page.

5) To create another new profile, select any of your existing profiles and repeat steps 2) and 3) above.

There is no need to use Export or Import. These are intended to be used for creating backups of your profiles or applying your profiles to other instances of MinimServer.
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