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Profiles Not Working Properly
16-03-2022, 14:31
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RE: Profiles Not Working Properly
Are you creating/updating the profiles using Notepad or using the Properties window? Using the Properties window is recommended because this checks for errors (see below).

If you are creating/updating the proliles using Notepad, the following applies. If not, please clarify how the profiles were created.

Your settings for stream.transcode are incorrect. They should be:

flac:wav;, dsf:wav, mp3:wav

The semicolon after flac:wav is needed to select ffmpeg as the converter. This isn't needed for dsf and mp3 because ffmpeg is always used for these files.

After correcting this, you should be able to import the corrected profiles using the Import tab. After you have done this, they should show correctly in the View tab and you should be able to switch between them using the Select tab. For any further updates, it is best to first select the profile and then change property settings using the Properties window.
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