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problems with Artist.displayFormat
04-03-2022, 08:52
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RE: problems with Artist.displayFormat
The problem is caused by your control point displaying the composer value in preference to the artist value if both artist and composer are present in the metadata sent by MinimServer to the control point.

To prevent the composer metadata being sent to the control point, you can set the upnpCustom property to:


In MinimServer 0.8, this was handled by the tagCustom property. The tagCustom property has been replaced with the upnpCustom property in MinimServer 2.

If you had not lost/deleted your configuration when you installed MinimServer 2, your previous tagCustom setting would have been migrated automatically to the equivalent upnpCustom setting.
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04-03-2022, 11:58
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Exclamation RE: problems with Artist.displayFormat
Hi Simon,

thank you very very much for your support.

I have updated again to 2.1-0600 and put this "roleTags={AlbumArtist}" into the upnpCustom and it works again now!

kind regards

BTW: how about a small GUI for exactly this kind of configuration? Blush
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