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JAVA restart necessary to fix inactive Minimserver?
02-06-2013, 11:37 (This post was last modified: 02-06-2013 11:38 by hvaleton.)
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RE: JAVA restart necessary to fix inactive Minimserver?
(01-06-2013 17:58)simoncn Wrote:  It's actually an ohNet error message. (java is the name of the executable.)

This does provide a useful clue. It appears that the MinimServer process on the QNAP has reached the default Linux limit of 1024 file descriptors.
If the same MinimServer process has been running for some weeks, it's possible that it's doing something that is "leaking" file descriptors.

You can use the command

lsof -p <pid>

to see what descriptors are open for process ID <pid>.

If you get an error message "cannot execute binary file" from lsof, you need to install the ipkg version of lsof and use that instead:

/opt/sbin/lsof -p <pid>

You can find the current <pid> value for the MinimServer process by running 'ps' or by looking in the /tmp/minimserver-sh.log file.

Hi Simon,

I have put the lsof result into a file called lsof.txt that I'll try and attach (this time hopefully correctly (Blush) to this post.

Thanks for your time!

Hans Valeton

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