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Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
05-03-2022, 11:33 (This post was last modified: 05-03-2022 11:35 by mightyoakbob.)
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RE: Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
(04-03-2022 23:34)simbun Wrote:  Fortunately my expectations for the control point (at least for local media) were incredibly low, so it's not come as any surprise. I don't think there's a system out there that can come anywhere near MinimServer/UPnP, so why they didn't just throw a load of money at @simoncn and @bubbleguuum and be done with it I don't know, even if they did have to change the underlying delivery protocol.
Yes, I get that and fully concur.
(04-03-2022 23:34)simbun Wrote:  Anyway, I'll be listening and comparing it to the Sonos over the weekend, and if I can be assured that I can stereo pair/group them whilst using BubbleUPnP (control point) to control them then it's still a win over Sonos.
Slightly surprised you don't like the idea of a minisystem and prefer two stand alone wireless speakers. A minisystem gives you optical and analogue inputs and your choice of speakers. I suppose it depends on intended usage.
(04-03-2022 23:34)simbun Wrote:  Assuming you mean ffmpeg through BubbleUPnP server, I've been running it and MinimServer on a Pi 3 for years and it's been faultless; worst case spend ~£75 on a Pi4 (if you can get hold of one) and stick BubbleUPnP server on that to do openhome and transcoding :-)
Indeed. I only realised you could run it on a Pi a couple of months ago. I built it and it worked whilst using minimserver running on a NAS to supply the music. Quite remarkable to watch. Not playing inverted top trumps here but I first tried it on a Pi4 and then tried an old pi2 model B. Yes a Pi 2 £25 and it worked fine on that too. I do believe those pi versions all have fpu so my theory of it being essential for ffmpeg transcoding is still alive.
Just for completeness, I'll add that ffmpeg transcoding does not work (or at least I couldn't get it to work) on an DS213 or a DS111 which you'll not be surprised to hear, do not have fpu.

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