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Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
04-03-2022, 23:34
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RE: Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
(04-03-2022 20:29)mightyoakbob Wrote:  That's a shame, I was hoping things had improved with the Denon apps since I purchased my RCD N9 some years ago. I quickly found that I preferred using BubbleUPnP Server on my Synology NAS and Linn or Lumin apps and still do.
Fortunately my expectations for the control point (at least for local media) were incredibly low, so it's not come as any surprise. I don't think there's a system out there that can come anywhere near MinimServer/UPnP, so why they didn't just throw a load of money at @simoncn and @bubbleguuum and be done with it I don't know, even if they did have to change the underlying delivery protocol.
Anyway, I'll be listening and comparing it to the Sonos over the weekend, and if I can be assured that I can stereo pair/group them whilst using BubbleUPnP (control point) to control them then it's still a win over Sonos.

(04-03-2022 20:29)mightyoakbob Wrote:  Incidentally, I've also tried out ffmpeg so that my Sonos play5 boxes can play hi-res audio or at least appear to but I've found that many older Synology NAS boxes allow you to install ffmpeg but it doesn't work, nothing plays. My best guess as to why is that all NAS that work have a FPU and all the ones that don't, don't. Not conclusive, the exception may be there but I've not seen it. The oldest NAS that I found that works is the DS114 and I suspect anything ending 14 or later will work because they all have an FPU. But I could be wrong.
Assuming you mean ffmpeg through BubbleUPnP server, I've been running it and MinimServer on a Pi 3 for years and it's been faultless; worst case spend ~£75 on a Pi4 (if you can get hold of one) and stick BubbleUPnP server on that to do openhome and transcoding :-)
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