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Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
04-01-2022, 14:09
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RE: Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
(03-01-2022 23:02)mightyoakbob Wrote:  
(03-01-2022 22:30)simoncn Wrote:  You don't need [id] if you only want to set the stream type. For example, you can use [;aac] and the stream will not go through MinimStreamer.

Thank you for that, more testing to do....
I have spent some hours this morning testing and have results.

I think it best to list kit at this point so I'm using a Sonos Play 5 speaker, a Denon Ceol RCD N9 and a Linn Akurate Catalyst. Software is running on a Synology DS214+ and is Mininserver (latest V2), BubbleUPnP server, FFmpeg.
I use two control point apps on my iPad Kazoo and Lumin. I much prefer Lumin.

Yesterday I created a playlist with lots of radio stations listed on it but found that the Denon wasn't fussy and would would work for every stream tested and for both Kazoo and Lumin. The Sonos however was fussy and many stations would play for the Kazoo app but not Lumin.

I then remembered reading something about this in the Minim Streamer notes and tried using a title prefix eg. [ClassicFM1,mp3]. At first this appeared to fix everthing and Lumin could start any stream on both Denon and Lumin.

Then in the evening I discovered that streams would stop at around 12.5 minutes of playing. Today I've been trying to tie down the cause.

I concentrated on just one stream which seemed typical of all issues.
#EXTINF:-1, Classic FM

Linn Kazoo is able to start this playing on both Sonos and Denon but Lumin couldn't. It could though pause and restart the stream if it had been started by Kazoo.

I tried adding the prefix..
#EXTINF:-1, [ClassicFM1;mp3] Classic FM

Now both control points could start the stream on both players but the stream stops playing after around 12 minutes. It stops for both players and it doesn't matter which control point started the stream. I then saw Simon's information about [;mp3] and tried that.

#EXTINF:-1, [;mp3] Classic FM
This no longer times out and can be started from Lumin and kazoo and for Sonos and Denon.

For reasons I don't begin to understand it seems that a stream going via my Minimstreamer doesn't play for long. Fortunately, I don't seem to need it at the moment.

Thanks for your help everyone.

More than happy to do more testing if someone wants something tested.

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