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Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
01-01-2022, 14:21
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RE: Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
(01-01-2022 13:31)mightyoakbob Wrote:  
(31-12-2021 18:51)simbun Wrote:  I have a few Sonos speakers in an S2 system and haven't been forced to update yet. In an S1 system I believe the only updates you'll receive now are security updates, which shouldn't be very often and are quite important so you'll need to check in from time to time.

Oh, that's a shame as my problem with Sonos updates will get me again.
I'm not saying it'll force you to, I'm saying that you should want to go into the Sonos app from time to time to check for updates, as it could fix security vulnerabilities.

(01-01-2022 13:31)mightyoakbob Wrote:  
(31-12-2021 18:51)simbun Wrote:  If your speakers natively support the radio station you can simply create a playlist file, which is just a text file with a m3u extension, place it somewhere within your content directory and you'll be able to select a stream from the '[n] playlists' index item that will appear in the MinimServer browse tree.

Sorry to be thick, I'm really not understanding where/what you mean by
"from the '[n] playlists' index item that will appear in the MinimServer browse tree."

I have a folder called playlists on the NAS with playlists in it and that appears in minimserver like the classical folder and the Rock folder but I'm unaware of this tree?
When I say the browse tree, I'm referring to the MinimServer indexes that allow you to browse for your desired music.
You should have as the top indexes:
[n] albums
[n] items
[n] playlists
That's assuming you already have playlists served by MimimServer, otherwise that last item won't appear.

If you create the playlist I detailed in my previous response, call it 'Radio Stations.m3u', place it in your playlist folder (assuming it's somewhere under the MinimServer content directory path) and finally perform a MinimServer rescan, when you next click back into the playlists folder in your control point app you should see an item called 'Radio Stations', which when selected will allow you to choose a radio station to play.

(01-01-2022 13:31)mightyoakbob Wrote:  
(31-12-2021 18:51)simbun Wrote:  Here's one I've configured for the BBC streams that work natively with Sonos:
Thanks for that information - more knowledge is good but unfortunately I'm not a BBC fan - sorry. I would be interested in ClassicFM, Virgin Radio, talkRadio and others, are they available?
They were just examples so you could test the functionality. Others are available but you'd have to track down the stream URL's, and I don't know of a good source for that, maybe someone else can help?
A quick google suggests:
#EXTINF:-1, Classic FM

(01-01-2022 13:31)mightyoakbob Wrote:  
(31-12-2021 18:51)simbun Wrote:  You can also add them directly to BubbleUPnP by:
Go to the playlist tab, click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen and select 'How to add Internet Radio'.
I've looked everywhere I can think of for the playlist tab can't find it. What application is this in?
Sorry that's my bad, I'd forgotten that you use the Linn/Kazoo control points, I was referring to the BubbleUPnP control point, but that's only available on Android.

I'd try creating the 'Radio Station.m3u' I described previously and see if you can get them appearing and playing to Sonos, after that we can address anything else one step at a time.
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