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Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
31-12-2021, 15:06
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RE: Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
(15-12-2021 21:14)simbun Wrote:  
(15-12-2021 20:06)mightyoakbob Wrote:  Well I've seen it appear in BubbleUPnP server as an optional renderer but during a brief test I found doing that highly unreliable.
What is your secret?
I've had it set up as an OpenHome renderer for years now, it's actually been more reliable than it has through Sonos! Unrelible how?
By default it should handle the conversion of the hi-res files for you if you set the configuration up corrently; I believe you'd set 'Max supported samplerate' to '44.1', and tick 'Convert 24-bit to 16-bit', although as I said, you can have MinimStreamer take care of this for you too.
I know a lot of members here use BubbleUPnP server (mainly to hold the music queues), and it's generally well regarded, plus the author is very responsive so it might be worth asking if you're having problems.

(15-12-2021 20:06)mightyoakbob Wrote:  
(15-12-2021 17:05)simbun Wrote:  except for playing Hi-res audio natively, but MinimStreamer will help you out there.
I didn't know that, please tell me more...
I only use MinimStreamer for applying ReplayGain, I don't have any hi-res so you'd need to look at the online help pages or ask on the MinimStreamer forum for the specific configuration settting.

I've been using Minimserver for my Linn and BubbleUPnP server for my Denon players for years and that works very well. I thought I had but in fact I'd never used BubbleUPnP to drive Sonos. Thinking about it, what I think happened was my wife used the Sonos App and attempted to play music from the UPnP server and it worked very briefly.

Over christmas I've been having a good play with ffmpeg and got HD tracks playing on Sonos even though it's just 44k1 really. But I don't need two copies of HD music on the server any longer.

I did look at using Minimstreamer but to be honest it is so complicated I just couldn't understand it and I didn't see any way to associate down conversion with the particular players that need it. So I used ffmpeg and that did the job easily in seconds.

I think my brain does not work the same way as the instruction writer as I don't get on well with any Minimserver instructions. Despite several serious attempts the config instructions for "properties" are still regrettably way beyond my ability to understand them. Not spoon fed enough probably.

So am I correct in thinking that if I don't run the S1 App things on Sonos will stay the same with no forced updates. Anyone know if there is a way you can play streaming radio on Sonos without getting a software update?

Thanks everyone and happy new year.

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