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Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
15-12-2021, 16:24
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RE: Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
(15-12-2021 14:51)entdgc Wrote:  Bob,
Your Sonos Play 5s are IMHO very good speakers. I use Play 1s as a pair in my office and they give good sound. My son-in-law uses Play 5's as surround for his TV and also sound good.

Yes, I don't disagree with that.

(15-12-2021 14:51)entdgc Wrote:  It sounds like you have fallen foul of the Sonos upgrade policy which caused uproar in the community and they have been forced to backtrack.

I have fallen foul of an upgrade policy, I'm not sure it's the same one you refer too.

(15-12-2021 14:51)entdgc Wrote:  There is no way that Sonos could stop you installing a new iPad OS though I have an older iPad that is no longer capable of running the latest iPad OS - but that is Apple policy and nothing to do with Sonos.

Hmm. I have a different view of this.

Firstly, I see it as reasonable that Apple call a limit of OS upgrades where maintaing upgrades for very old devices may be very costly or not even possible, provide this is truthfull and not just a scam to sell more kit. Unfortunately, I can't tell which it is.

Secondly and this is just my opinion, it is very unacceptable for Sonos to stop a device functioning properly remotely without notice in order to force people to upgrade software. Sonos do this several times a year and as we don't use the Sonos that often it seems that it's almost 50/50 when we do use it that Library indexing will be blocked - AGAIN.

It is even worse when Sonos iPad software suddenly needs a newer/latest iPad OS. That OS, as I found to my cost twice, may not be available for the iPad in question. That means that because Sonos have forced an upgrade I have to replace an iPad to stay where I was in terms of Sonos function only 24 hours earlier. That to me and you're entitled to disagree, is outrageous and is the core reason I will never buy Sonos ever again and when asked would always recommend others against Sonos.

The key problem is forcing the Sonos upgrade by removing functionality. If I could turn off ALL Sonos upgrades for ever I would be much happier but I cannot. To add insult to injury it has been many, many years sice there was a Sonos software upgrade that was in any way a benefit to me. Allowing getting music directly from the wi-fi was the last one.

That is my primary beef with Sonos. In addition, I dislike the fact that they don't use a server like Minimserver which is an infinately better way to do things, single point indexing - much better. Then we have the old problem of hi-res audio which my Sonos devices will never handle. That causes an issue not for sound quality but because I then have to keep two copies of some music one hi-res, the other standard for the Sonos.

These are the reasons I've had it with Sonos, it has to go.

(15-12-2021 14:51)entdgc Wrote:  I am not aware of any way of using the Linn or Kazoo Apps to control Sonos or any other networked speaker. It is perfectly possible for Sonos to play music from the same music store or streaming service that you use for Linn but (as far as I know) you will have to use a different control point such as the Sonos App on your iPad.

Ok, thanks.

I am very aware that there is no chance of using the Linn control point app with Sonos, yet another reason they have to go.

I do however have two Denon RCD-N9 players which are not directly Linn (OpenHome) compatible either but they are Minimserver happy and using the BubbleUPnP server app on the same NAS as my library and Minimserver the two player work fine with Linn contol points software. Not only that but they do play 192/24 hi res and gapless even on wi-fi.
That has led me to think there is a possibility that the Denon Heos range of speakers may indeed work fine like my RCD-N9s but the RCD-N9 is not Heos and I don't know if that makes a difference.

So what I would love to know is...
Do the Heos speakers work with bubbleUPnP Server and Minimserver like my RCD-N9 does?
How good is the sound of these speakers, is it as good or close to Sonos Play 5s?

Thanks again for your help.

Merry christmas.
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