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Creating a new profile
24-10-2021, 11:33
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Creating a new profile

I have had a reply from a member who tells me I need to edit the List View/Tag View settings within MinimServer. I have read the user guide but am none the wiser about how to go about this. From what I can tell, I need to create a new profile. In order to do this, I firstly need to create the parameters appropriate to my requirements (set List View & Tag View parameters) and this is the problem. Where, exactly, do you do this? There must be some kind of text editor within MinimServer. Where is this editor? And how do I use it? I cannot find any reference anywhere as to how to do all this.

In short, the user guide tells you what you need to have, but fails to tell you how to do it! I do hope that I can do this within MinimServer itself and not via MinimWatch as in spite of using the special software, it does not work.

Can anyone help? Many thanks!
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24-10-2021, 18:59
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RE: Creating a new profile
Please don't start multiple threads for the same discussion. This makes the discussion hard to follow. I am closing this thread so that this discussion can continue on the original thread.
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