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Unpredictable track tagging
02-09-2021, 20:38
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Unpredictable track tagging
Just ripped a couple of CDs using the same settings each time, but the track list formats are very different:
CD1 (Bat For Lashes; Fur and Gold) is exactly as I want it and as I've been using with MinimServer for years, with the track names numbered 1 to 11 and the artist name NOT showing under each track name;
CD2 (Allman Brothers, At Fillmore East) is the deluxe version on 2 discs. First of all Track 1 is listed as ">> Disc 1" and Track 11 is listed as ">>Disc 2". Obviously neither of these play. When I look on the NAS Music folder, the two discs are showing as two separate folders, while in the Naim app all the tracks are showing as part of the same album (which is a good thing). Secondly, under every track name, the artist name is repeated (which is not a good thing); I could understand this if there were different contributing artists, but they are all "Allman Brothers Band, the". Finally, whilst the album artwork on the Naim app, the MinimServer 'library' view on my iPad and the Folder view on the NAS is correct, when I open the MinimServer file on the iPad, the artwork displayed is for the next album in my library (alphabetically), which is Autobahn!
The only thing I changed when I ripped the Allman Brothers CD was remove the words "Deluxe Version" from the album name on each disc.
Any idea what's happening here?
Thank you
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03-09-2021, 14:49
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RE: Unpredictable track tagging
The >> Disc 1 and >> Disc 2 lines are markers to show which tracks belong to which disc. MinimServer shows these if the Album tags for the discs include "Disc 1" or "Disc 2" suffixes. You can't play them directly but you can open them to show and play the contents of the disc.

The Naim app decides whether or not to show artists under track titles. It is possible that the >> Disc 1 and >> Disc 2 markers are causing this to happen because these don't have an Artist tag. For the single-disc album, everything in the album has an Artist tag set to the same value.

The artwork issue might be caused by the Naim app. Some control points cache artwork images and can sometimes incorrectly associate the wrong cached image with an album.

If you don't want >> Disc 1 and >> Disc 2 to be shown, you can modify the Album tags to remove the "Disc n" suffixes and just contain the album name.
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