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Fail to play DSD 11.2MHz native
06-09-2021, 15:58
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RE: Fail to play DSD 11.2MHz native
Thanks for this information. I have installed the latest versions of QFile for Android and iOS but neither of these is able to find my network media players and stream files to them. Because of this, I am unable to do any testing with QFile.

I am not sure if updating my QTS version would help. Which QTS version are you running?

I have had a response from Matrix confirming that DSF and DFF files can be streamed natively at 11.2 MHz and DoP is limited to 5.6 MHz. We have not yet been able to identify why native streaming doesn't work with MinimServer. From some information that Matrix has provided, it seems likely that this is not caused by the MIME type but by some other incompatibility.
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