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Fail to play DSD 11.2MHz native
02-09-2021, 10:04
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RE: Fail to play DSD 11.2MHz native
I have emailed Matrix Audio but they have not yet replied.

I don't understand what is shown in the screenshots. The top one (using QFile) doesn't look like anything I see when I open QFile. How exactly were the screenshots produced? Are they both taken from the Matrix Android app?

MinimStreamer uses UPnP/DLNA to stream to the Matrix. In UPnP/DLNA, there is a server, a control point and a renderer. MinimStreamer is the server, Kazoo is the control point and the Matrix is the renderer. The control point tells the renderer to stream a track from the server and the renderer (Matrix) sends a request to the server (MinimStreamer) for the audio data for the track.

If you look at the settings for Kazoo, you will see the Matrix shown there. You won't see Matrix in the settings for MinimStreamer. All this is working correctly because you are able to stream 5.6 Mhz DoP files using this setup.

I am unable to try any experiments with QFile streaming because QFile isn't able to find any of the network media players that I have here.
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