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Fail to play DSD 11.2MHz native
31-08-2021, 12:32
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RE: Fail to play DSD 11.2MHz native
I will do my best to help you to get this to work. I could give you a technical explanation of the 1.4 MHz but this wouldn't help solve the problem. It is related to using DoP to stream the audio.

Your setting of mimeType.dsf=audio/4x-dsd,mimeType.dff=audio/4x-dsd is not correct and changing the 4x to a different number will not help. Instead, try all the following until one of them works (hopefully):


You need to restart MinimServer each time you change this and it would be a good idea to restart Kazoo as well.

I have tried to use QFile to see what format it is sending but QFile is unable to find my music player on the network.
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