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Fail to play DSD 11.2MHz native
31-08-2021, 10:12
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RE: Fail to play DSD 11.2MHz native
We never play Dop over USB on Matrix, actually until we use minimstreamer setting up Dop to play DSD that we first time knew about Dop...

And we are not sure how the Qfile stream the DSD 11.2MHz native to matrix, we only updated its firmware, then it can stream all kinds of DSD to matrix and play well.

every time we play DSD,no matter which player we use(matrix app, Qfile or Kazoo), the matrix will show the exact file information on the screen, such as DSD2.8m,DSD5.6m or DSD11.2m native.
We found another thing is that when we play DSD11.2m native with matrix app or Qfile streaming, if we open the Kazoo, we can see it also plays the same music, but the information shows 1.4MHz...don't know if it has something to do with Kazoo or minimserver?

And thanks for your advice, we tried our best as below,

->remove the dff:dopwav, dsf:dopwav setting from stream.transcode and restart doesn't work, we can not play any DSD art all...

->set up custom mimeType. To be frank, it's very hard for us to understand what it is and how to set up this. We are a couple who live in the bush f down under in Australia. The husband is nearly on his 80s, learning DSD DOP DFF NATIVE DSD etc / via Google is not all that easy...English is our second language , we are trying. Still no idea what MIME is...and Matrix would be a waste of time asking , sooo...
so, we only tried to fill in the server options property as below:
it didn't work. even with a higher x10 number , no DSD at all..

with Qfile, over DLNA , we can stream all DSD files , including Native DSD 11.2 Mhz , direct to Matrix , that's with Minmin Streamer shut down...
with the Minim on and the dff:dopwav,dsf:dopwav back in it's place , we can listen to DSD 64 and DSD128 , but not DSD256/11.2 Native DSD...
to us , that means the Minim Streamer is restricting the flow and helpfully you can send us the correct code....

Thanking you from down under ....!!!!
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