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ffmpeg docker installation troubleshooting info
24-06-2021, 11:55
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Information ffmpeg docker installation troubleshooting info
Just for anyone struggling to get ffmpeg recognised when using a Docker container (Synology 920+):

- I downloaded and extracted ffmpeg static binary (Linux 64) to MinimServer/opt/bin (mapped volume in container)
- I changed mode with "chmod +x ffmpeg" in a terminal
- opt/bin/ffmpeg showed up in MinimWatch properties > System > stream.converter
- MinimWatch red icon, stream converter not found message

I could run ffmpeg from a host terminal window, but not a container terminal.

I copied ffmpeg to /bin in the container, it would then execute it a container terminal, but still not working with MinimStreamer.

I updated the path in stream.converter property to /bin/ffmpeg => now working.
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