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07-06-2021, 11:48 (This post was last modified: 08-06-2021 13:27 by bzag.)
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Dear MinimServer French Community, I hereby confirm that I have managed to setup a VM (Debian Buster) on the Freebox Delta, and that I have then installed the latest JRE (Java) and MinimServer2 (release 193).

Specific disk mounting commands were not required as MinimServer2 locates the data drive without any issue after entering the right network path directly by way of relevant Linux command line or in the web interface or in MinimWatch2.

With the full license, I was also able to easily add up MinimStreamer for few transcoding instructions.

After several attempts/failures because I am not literate in Linux and had to dig ready-to-go command lines on google and adapt them to my specific
needs, I must say that everything works like a charm.

I actually used an existing tutorial on installing a Plex server on the Freebox Delta (easy to google and find) plus necessary adjustments, and then MinimServer guidance for Rasberry install.

I have also added the optional command line so that MinimServer continues to run in background while the console is disconnected.

I could then get rid of my QNAP NAS that was there only for streaming a music library, hence total overkill, additional source for sound pollution and bugs, etc...

Please note that my Freebox Delta is upgraded with Samsung SSD drive and 16Gb RAM (yes it does perfectly work), so that I could allocate around 8Gb to the VM and still have around 8Gb for general Freebox purposes.

In conclusion, if you are a MinimServer user and have a Freebox Delta, you may want to try this course of action, notably in order to downsize your music setup and avoid unnecessary devices, cables and power blocks along the signal chain Smile Plus: you may find yourself quite satisfied to further leverage your Freebox Delta investment by entrusting it with a new mission.

Happy hi-rez listening to all.
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