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MinimServer 2, HQplayer, BuubleUPNP, etc
23-05-2021, 12:49
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MinimServer 2, HQplayer, BuubleUPNP, etc

I'd like to give a try to HQplayer but I can't figure out how to set it up in my system.

Currently I have a NAS that use Debian. On it, there is only Minimserver 2 and some music on the main HDD. I use MinimStreamer and it sound good at the moment.

My renderer is openHome (SOTM SMS200) but also have HQplayerNAA on it (if that help).

I can't figure out how to use HQplayer on the NAS. What I understand is that HQplayer need the DAC to be connected to the server per USB, but I think I miss something here.

Can someone point me in the right direction please ?
Thank you,
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23-05-2021, 15:22
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RE: MinimServer 2, HQplayer, BuubleUPNP, etc
You cannot install HQPlayer on a nas, you need a separate pc (quite powerful) and install on it HQPlayer Embedded (if you want to use MinimServer with it)
You can find HQPlayer Embedded here
HQPlayer Embedded is a version of HQPlayer that runs on a dedicated pc and appear as a upnp renderer on the network (you can run it using an USB key), using Bubbleupnpserver you can configure it as OpenHome renderer. It is a Unix image.
You can connect a dac to the pc running HQP Embedded or you can use your SOtM sMS200 as NAA (HQP network audio adapter) with the dac attached to it.
In this scenario you will have:
- MinimServer as upnp server, running on nas
- Bubbleupnpserver (for OpenHome compatibility), running on nas
- HQPlayer Embedded as renderer, running on separate pc
- SoTM sMS200 as NAA (you must activate HQPlayer NAA service)
- Dac usb connected to SoTM sMS200
- A control point, on smartphone/tablet, to manage everything
All these components need to be connected on the same lan, better if wired except control point.
To configure HQPlayer Embedded you need to connect to its web page (check the previous link) where you’ll be able to set all the parameters needed and to specify the NAA output.

… hope this can help …
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