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Tag contents not showing when browsing
29-04-2021, 11:24 (This post was last modified: 29-04-2021 12:35 by samnorthernlights.)
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RE: Tag contents not showing when browsing
(28-04-2021 21:39)simoncn Wrote:  I have a feeling about how this is going to end but I will wait for your news.

I haven't heard back yet but I used a converter to convert an album from ALAC to FLAC and then added this to MP3tag. A lot of the tags I had added in the ALAC version were blank in the FLAC version, including Work and Part. I added them to the FLAC version and they show up in Minimserver.

A bit of a blow to be honest - I have 162 albums in ALAC just because iTunes was a convenient ripper on Mac and I thought the tags looked fine. I will probably now need to convert all of these albums to FLAC if I want them to show all of the tags in Minimserver.

Going forward I shouldn't have a problem as I am now using XLD to rip to FLAC.

EDIT: Just had a reply from mp3tag developer and here is an excerpt if it is useful :

"I had a look at the example file you’ve sent and the WORK = Missa Dum Complerentur is correctly stored in an internal ©wrk MP4 atom.

It then seems that Minimserver doesn’t support all the fields. If you get a reply from their support, you can point them to which shows how Mp3tag maps different fields internally.

FLAC is easy in this regard, because the is no internal mapping — the field names are just used also in the internal tag structure."
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29-04-2021, 21:55 (This post was last modified: 30-04-2021 15:56 by simoncn.)
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RE: Tag contents not showing when browsing
I will add support for reading the ©wrk MP4 atom in the next MinimServer update. Thank you for all your work in identifying the cause of the problem.
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