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Strange behaviour in IndexArtwork
26-04-2021, 10:13
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RE: Strange behaviour in IndexArtwork
(26-04-2021 09:58)simoncn Wrote:  A "new line" character is an invisible character in a text string that indicates the end of a line and the start of the next line. From your screenshot, it looks like track 02-05 has the following three ARTIST tags:

Ilse [soprano]


Collegium Vocale Ghent

You need to change the first of these tags to:

Eerens, Ilse [soprano]

by deleting the "new line" character and replacing it with a space character.

Also, the second tag appears to be unintended or corrupt.
Ok, I will try this.
So probably the the tags have been corrupt all the time and I made things worse by copying and pasting.
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