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Silent Angel Z1
16-04-2021, 19:54
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RE: Silent Angel Z1
They did not reply. Do you have any documentation that describes the inclusion of MinimServer 0.8 as part of the Silent Angel Z1? I looked through all the Silent Angel documentation I could find online and I didn't find any reference to this.

I did find this thread on the Roon forum discussing whether the Silent Angel Z1 is infringing Roon's copyright/licensing by distributing Roon code without permission. It is possible that the same issue might apply to MinimServer, though without access to a Silent Angel Z1 I cannot be sure whether or not this is the case. To clarify the position with MinimServer, no manufacturer is allowed to distribute MinimServer (either 0.8 or 2) as part of a product without permission and Thunder Data does not have permission to do this. However, if the device downloads MinimServer 0.8 rather than distributing it as part of the device software, this is permitted.

There is no possibility that the Silent Angel Z1 will be able to support MinimServer 2 (at least not legally) until this licensing issue is resolved.
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