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Compressed DSD support
26-03-2021, 01:30 (This post was last modified: 26-03-2021 06:27 by bb-qq.)
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Compressed DSD support
Since .dsf/.dff are RAW formats, these file sizes often become huge. For example, a song of 6 minutes duration with DSD256 format is about 1GB.

To reduce disk usage, audiophiles use compression using the WavPack. The WavPack is the best method to compress DSD. It achieves a 50%~60% compression ratio in my library.

I know you don't have any plans to support WavPack, but I would appreciate it if you re-consider WavPack support with this background.

To support WavPack, I guess the following works are required:
  • Support reading tag for MinimServer
  • Support wvunpack for MinimStreamer
    • WavPack has cli program to decompress files called wvunpack:
    • I would like to use this program to convert .wv to .dsf on the fly for native streaming(not DoPE) instead of FFmpeg because my AV receiver only supports plain dsf
    • The stream.transcode property need to accept dsf format as output
Thank you for the great product and for reading my comment.
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26-03-2021, 10:36
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RE: Compressed DSD support
Thanks for this post. I understand what you want and why you want it and I am sorry that this will not be possible using MinimServer/MinimStreamer.

I suggest you investigate JRiver. I believe JRiver is able to stream DSF compressed as WavPack or stream WAV compressed as WavPack and transcoded on the fly to DSF.
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26-03-2021, 14:03
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RE: Compressed DSD support
Thank you for the reply. Yes, I have already tried JRiver Media Center, but my requirement was not fulfilled. I would like to share why I want to use MinimServer/MinimStreamer.

- Too heavy to transcode

I've run JMC on Synology DS918+ NAS using VM but its sound is choppy when transcoding to dsf.
wvunpack decompresses wv files at 8x speed when run directly, so I suspect JMC decodes wv files to wav once and re-encoded to DSD.
If my receiver supports DoPE, I will not encounter such a problem...

- Headless support and running natively

MinimServer can be installed using Synology Package Center and it can be run natively. VM is not needed. This is ideal.

If you feel hard to support WavPack files, it is also ok for me if MinimServer/MinimStreamer supports transcoding compressed .dff(DST) to dsf. But I don't know the proper command-line program for converting compressed .dff to .dsf directly.

I guess Minim means minimal and you want to keep the feature set of the program simple. But I believe direct transcoding support to raw dsf helps many users using AV receivers with NAS. Thank you.
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26-03-2021, 14:30
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RE: Compressed DSD support
MinimServer uses FFmpeg to transcode. FFmpeg has a DSF decoder, so transcoding from DSF to PCM is possible. FFmpeg doesn't have a DFF decoder or a DSF encoder, so transcoding from DFF to DSF is not possible.
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