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Streaming tone generator?
10-03-2021, 22:45
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Streaming tone generator?
Short version: I am wondering if anyone has found a way to hook an Android tone generator to BubbleUPnP (or other OpenHome control point) so one can stream test tones without making files first?

Long version: I use Anthem Room Correction in my very difficult basement room. By ear, and by measuring with another mic, I have the impression of a slight rise in the upper mids and low treble (3-6 kHz) in the final result. Flattening the response according to that other mic makes the sound too dull. If I had perfect pitch, I'd identify the too-prominent notes and take that area down. Since I don't, I've been wondering if I might get closer to the offending area using a tone generator.

This is tricky, since the two mics don't agree completely, and neither agrees completely with my ears.

Portland, Oregon, USA
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