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New to Minimserver - a few questions
13-03-2014, 10:06
Post: #41
RE: New to Minimserver - a few questions
(13-03-2014 00:28)Oliviander Wrote:  Hi Simon,
after having ripped all of my SACDs I am back to play around with MinS.
After looking up the indexFormat property in the user guide it
left me puzzled. So i searched the forum and landed here.
So my question is this feature actually implemented by now ?
And how does it work exactly ?
Or is it just a proposal as there is nothing useful in the manual.

The indexFormat property is currently supported for Artist only. In a future release, I am hoping to extend this to other tags.

Quote:And that reminds me of reminding you of your promise you mad in
Angel Angel Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments and observations. I will not attempt to continue the discussion here. Instead, when the next release is out, I will revisit the documentation sections relating to the points you have raised and I will do my best to provide better explanations and clearer terminology for everything that you have listed as being baffling. This feedback is extremely useful, and I am very grateful that you have taken the time to provide it. Angel Angel

And with that I would very much appreciate an introduction to the logical structure of MinS and more examples:
For instance I have no idea what
TagOptions: Date.indexValue.yearOnly
actually does because that what the description says
is exactly the behaviour that I would expect
as default.
It would be very helpful if you added to all examples
in the manual
not only how to use it but actually explain the effect
by comparing:
How does it work with the option and how without.

THX for the great MinS

If you don't specify Date.indexValue.yearOnly, the Date index entries will be the full tag values. This is the default for all tag indexes. As an example, if you have Date tags


the Date index values for these tags without Date.indexValue.yearOnly will be


and the Date index values for these tags with Date.indexValue.yearOnly will be

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