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app-based remote control for minimserver?
29-01-2021, 23:24
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app-based remote control for minimserver?
hello everyone --

I have an Intel NUC running JRiver. It sends FLAC files to a Marantz PM7000N receiver via optical cable. Now, we control it with JRemote apps on my wife's iPad or my Android tablet. The NUC normally has no display or keyboard connected; I hook it up to those in my office when I want to add files, or tweak things.

The JRemote display only shows lists of track titles. It will show all metadata, but only for the playing track. Depending on how the album producer constructed the title, this is not enough information. (Though the iOS app will display PDF liner notes that you can follow.)

I'm guessing that installing MinimServer as library source for JRiver will not change the JRemote display. Is there another alternative?

Thanks in advance,
John Kwasnik
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