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First steps / questions
22-12-2020, 23:01 (This post was last modified: 30-12-2020 03:15 by pstrg.)
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First steps / questions
Looking for a replacement for foo_upnp because
- it has no Unicode support, meaning that composers like Čajkovskij and Šostakovič do not appear after those whose names begin with C and S respectively (as they should), but at the end of the list;
- dictionary style sort is not supported e.g. entries that begin with a lowercase character go to the end of the list (not intermingled among those with the same letter);
- being a foobar2000 component, it does have the (big) advantage of being able to understand foobar2000 title formatting scripts to manipulate tag information with functions in order to customizie but... alas, scripts must be short otherwise they're not respected;
- development stopped already long ago.

My questions are:
1) Would like to set basic browsing by Composer [TCOM], then by Work [TIT1], then by Performers of that work (by Performers is meant a concatenation of Artist [TPE1] - Ensemble [TPE2] - Conductor [TPE3]) - is it possible?
When there's more than one Performer (either Artist, Ensemble or Conductor) on a tag, they're separated by semicolons:
2a) does MinimServer understand that there may be more than one of each performer type?
2b) is it possible to address each performer separately (e.g. Artist0, Artist1, Artist2, ...)?
3) Is it also possible to browse by
- Artist then Composer then Work;
- Ensemble then Composer then Work;
- Conductor then Composer the Work?
4) In order not to have too long a list while browsing, to break it by initials - possible and configurable?
Starter Edition is working but I could not modify anything:
5) is there any documentation besides what I could find online? For instance, how to add more than one folder, how to configure browsing options etc. (Have located ...\AppData\Roaming\MinimServer\data\minimserver.config but found nowhere information on how to fill it with data. Could not get a clue from the interface either.
Are those limitations of the Starter Edition? Does one get more documentation with the Trial or Full License?
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09-01-2021, 09:10
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RE: First steps / questions
Apologies for the long delay in replying to your questions.

MinimServer can browse by any tags in any order. At each stage, all available tag choices are shown in the index. It is not possible to hide certain choices to force an order of selection. In your example, you cannot hide the Work selection untill the Composer selection has been made.

MinimServer supports multiple values for Artist, Ensemble and Conductor (and almost all other tags). Multiple values must be tagged according to the tagging specifications for how to do this. Some tagging programs use a semicolon as a visual way of displaying multiple values. If the semicolon is physically present in the tagged value, MinimServer will see this as a single tagged value, not multiple values. Where multiple values are present, you cannot address these individually.

You can create a composite index value for browsing, such as Performers in your example.

You can optionally show long lists of names as alphabetical groups under the first letter of the name.

The trial version enables all configuration options for 30 days. This should be long enough to evaulate MinimServer and decide whether you want to purchase a full license.

A full list of configuration properties is shown on this page. For each property, there is a link to the User guide section explaining how the property is used.

You cannot edit the minimserver.config file directly. Instead, you need to use the Properties dialog of MinimServer or MinimWatch to configure property values. See this page for more information. For example, to add multiple folders, the Properties dialog enables you to set the contentDir property to have up to 8 values.

All documentation is online and accessible without a license purchase. A good starting point is the Quick start page.
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