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Starting Minimserver - total beginner
27-11-2020, 01:35
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Starting Minimserver - total beginner
Trying to set up my HiFi system.
Windows 10, using mostly Chrome and Firefox 64 bit. Installed Minimserver on NAS and Windows 10. I was told I needed a tablet to direct the system. Have a Samsung S2, but not installed Minimserver there. Where should it be installed?
I am trying to connect to my music on the NAS, where I have loaded it onto drive M, called music. On the NAS, in the MinimServer Status window, I am trying to define the content directory. Whether I indicate M:/music, or M:music, I get, in red: Content directory isn't absolute: M:/music, or Content directory isn't absolute: M:music; apparently, that is incorrect. How do I connect it to the music folder on the NAS?

Also, the manual says I need to have Java, but Java does not install on the two browsers I typically use. Is that why, when I click on the MinimServer shortcut icon in Windows, I get no response?

On the tablet, if I need to install it there, I don't even know which version of MinimServer I should use, can't determine from the list in the instructions. Grateful for any help.
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27-11-2020, 12:13
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RE: Starting Minimserver - total beginner
You don't need to install MinimServer on your NAS as well as on Windows 10. What type of NAS is it? If the NAS supports MinimServer (QNAP, Synology or ASUSTOR), installing MinimServer on the NAS is the best approach.

You can't use a Windows path (M:) for the content directory setting on the NAS. For a QNAP NAS, see this page. For a Synology NAS, see this page. For an ASUSTOR NAS, see this page.

With this approach, you need MinimWatch and Java on Windows 10 (not MinimServer). See this page for installation instructions.

You don't need either MinimServer or Java on your tablet. Instead you need a UPnP control point such as BubbleUPnP (available from the Android Play Store).
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