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Index Artwork
18-03-2021, 23:06
Post: #51
RE: Index Artwork
(15-03-2021 19:22)tarnkappe Wrote:  The only question ist how to find out the correct names if you cannot use the displayed names. I guess they are mentioned in the manual pages?

This is an excellent question. I could add the English names to the manual pages but I doubt this would be much help to a non-English speaker who finds the manual too difficult to read. (There are many comments on the forum to this effect.)

I am trying to make MinimServer simpler and more intuitive to use. Requiring a non-English speaker to find the English translation of what is displayed on their screen is not consistent with this objective.

Given the preference expressed in this thread for English names (presumably from people who speak good English), I think the best solution is to support both the English names and the displayed translated names.
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