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QNAP, trial: No packages...?
28-10-2020, 13:46
Post: #11
RE: QNAP, trial: No packages...?
(28-10-2020 13:36)simoncn Wrote:  MinimWatch doesn't only tell you that the server is or isn't running. If there is a problem, MinimWatch shows a message describing the problem. It also shows you when rescanning is in progress and when it completes. All of this is directly visible on the screen without needing to open the NAS UI in a web browser. I personally appreciate the convenience of this and I think many other MinimServer users do as well.

...and it also provides a quick way to access the server properties and to make adjustments. Moreover, if you have multiple versions of MinimServer running, using MinimWatch provides an easy way of copying any changes you make in in properties from one version on MinimServer to another.

But MinimServer works without using MinimWatch. So, you don't have to install it.

Maybe, Django2020, you should start using MinimServer without MinimWatch. I think, after a short while, you will understand and then enjoy the benefits of running MinimWatch.
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