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DSD files and the Oppo
05-03-2014, 23:53
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RE: DSD files and the Oppo
(05-03-2014 22:27)vulcansnow Wrote:  I thought I would share with you how you can stream dff files from Minimserver with Bubble UPnP to Oppo. I want to stream dff files to my Oppo 105 but don't want to use the Oppo built in control point as I don't want the television turned on. Instead, I want to use Bubble UPnP.

If you want to play dff or dsf files on your Oppo, it is possible with Bubble UPnP on Android. As per default settings Bubble UPnP will not play the dff file from Minimserver. But if you closely watch the error messages on Bubble UPnP when you want/try to play the dff file, it says it has something to do with not recognized mime-types.

Apparently Bubble UPnP doesn't recognize the dff mime-types (like most UPnP control points). Fortunately you can change this behaviour in Bubble UPnP. Just start Bubble UPnP and go Settings -> UPnP Tweaks (scroll down) and uncheck 'Mime-type check'. This will force playback the dff file. BubbleUPnP can stream the dff to Oppo now (instead of skipping).

As far as I know, only Bubble UPnP allows you to do this. Kinsky always check the mime type but it can not recognize dff/mime so it can not stream to Oppo. Hope that in a future update it will.

This is actually a problem with the OPPO. A UPnP renderer should advertise all the MIME types that it is able to play. It seems that the OPPO isn't doing this.

Kinsky refuses to send the renderer a MIME type that the renderer hasn't advertised, and there's no way to disable this check. With BubbleUPnP, setting this UPnP tweak setting disables the check, so BubbleUPnP sends the file to the renderer even though the renderer is saying that it can't play it.
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11-03-2014, 10:08
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RE: DSD files and the Oppo
PlugPlayer serves up and controls these DSD files fine...

Of course the best files to use are .dsf... because they can be tagged properly...

Try PlugPlayer Smile
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