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Artist multi-item tag
14-10-2020, 17:27
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RE: Artist multi-item tag
Hello, I have just asked for some support to Yate (2manyrobots) and Barry ( very kindly offered himself to discuss the problem with you.
He would love to get in touch with you to better understand the issue
This is what I asked him (at the bottom) and his answer
“ Hi Sephano,

I don't know what spec the folks at Mininserver are looking at but I've love to see it. To the best of my knowledge only one tag of any type is allowed in an MPEG-4 container. In fact even multiple artwork items have to be merged. I don't know of any players who support more than one. I know that no Apple product supports more than one. Audirvana parses the semi-colon construct. Yate writes multiple artists to MPEG-4 files ... separated by the multi value delimiter (;;Wink. Now, multiple tags could be written, but as I said it is non standard in my opinion and I'm not sure that anyone would (or should) process them. Certainly Apple products would not.

If you can get them to point me to a spec that says it is allowed, I will support it. I can even make the support optional.

I have no contacts with them so if you can confirm that they read multiple tags of the same type it would help.

Best regards,


On Oct 14, 2020, at 11:14 AM, Stefano <> wrote:

Hello, I have a problem with alac (m4a) files. According to the standards Artist tag should be a multi item tag (like it is in flac files).
This is what Simon from Minimserver is telling me.
But I don’t find any way to solve this issue using Yate.
To fill the m4a Artist tag I write different artists separated by “;;;” (three semicolon) and this works for flac but not for alac.
I have tons of m4a files with this issue (in the past I used iTunes and Audirvana) and I would like to find a solution without transcoding those files to flac, a very tedious ant time consuming task.
Thank for your suggestions
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