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Minimwatch and Firewall
08-03-2021, 19:35
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RE: Minimwatch and Firewall
(24-09-2020 16:55)Budgie Wrote:  Delighted that after some fumbling on my part because cookie and script blockers had hidden the licence installation tag all is well with minimserver2 and I have also upgraded my minimwatch. Unfortunately this icon in my panel is permanently grey (always has been) unless I turn off my firewall.
It is time I mastered exactly what I should allow to get minimwatch to work through the firewall and for that I seek help please. I am running Linux openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE desktop. The firewall settings include no less than 10 zones which are:-

All of these can be configured for services and ports and I haven't a clue which zones, services and ports to open to allow minimserver and upnp to work without opening up everything to the wide world, which upnp is wont to do.

If there is somebody out there who can help I would be most grateful.

Hi Simon,
Never able to get this to work earlier it has now been more critical as I am relocating away from my servers.
I have tried including upnp-client in my firewall allowed protocols and have enabled ports 1900, 9790 and 9791 on both TCP and UDP on every interface from external to trusted but still cannot get minimwatch to work unless I disable the firewall. On the same machine using windoze operating system minimwatch is working.

Here is a clip from the minimwatch log file:-

Retrying monitor subscription for server at (attempt 1)
Retrying monitor subscription for server at (attempt 2)
Retrying monitor subscription for server at (attempt 3)
Retrying monitor subscription for server at (attempt 4)

I confess I am not clear which direction this traffic is going but I assume from the laptop minimwatch trying to connect to the server.

Whatever is happening it is not working and a look at the packets being logged by firewall log suggest dynamic ports are somehow involved.
Can anybody please help?
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