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Multi CD albums seperated
27-08-2020, 15:59
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Multi CD albums seperated

I am after abit of help if thats ok?!

I have installed Minim Server on my Melco and have the full licence, its a great poiece of software however all of my CD's that were grouped i.e. Live shows that come from multiple discs are now showing as seperate discs! I have checked the metadata and they are all correct, all show a disc number of 1, all have the same title, all have corrected track numbers from 1-x. Its as if Minim is ignoring this information. How do I get it to work as Twonky did and show the album as its been tagged?

Many thanks in advance
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27-08-2020, 20:15 (This post was last modified: 27-08-2020 20:24 by simoncn.)
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RE: Multi CD albums seperated
MinimServer has special treatment for multidisc albums where the discs don't all have a disc number of 1. It will merge these discs into a single album (across different folders) and make the track number corrections automatically. If you change all the disc numbers to 1, this merging won't happen.

In order for this merging to happen with normal disc numbering 1-n, either all discs need to have the same combination of artists or alternatively they all need to have the same AlbumArtist value.

I think it is likely that the discs in these albums that aren't being merged don't have the same combination of artists and also don't have the same AlbumArtist value. Another possibility is that the discs have multiple values for AlbumArtist. MinimServer doesn't support this and the AlbumArtist values are ignored with a warning message being written to the MinimServer log. Have you checked the MinimServer log for warning or error messages?

The simplest solution is to give all the discs the same (single) AlbumArtist value. This could be some combination of the main artists for the album or it could be "Various Artists" if this isn't practical. It is fine to have multiple Artist values. You will also need to change the disc and track numbering back to what it was originally, or alternatively put all the discs into a single folder, or alternatively change the mergeFolderAlbums property from false to true.

See this section and this section for more information about this.
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