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Using app with minimserver
24-08-2020, 22:48 (This post was last modified: 25-08-2020 08:38 by Peter StreamMagic.)
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RE: Using app with minimserver
(24-08-2020 21:44)simoncn Wrote:  I have installed Audionet (trial version) to try this. On my network, both Audionet and BubbleUPnP find MinimServer immediately on being started.

I have looked again at the debug log that you sent me earlier and there are some M-SEARCH messages in there that are similar to the M-SEARCH messages I am seeing from Audionet on my network. MinimServer is responding to these messages. These are not the M-SEARCH messages that a UPnP control point would usually send but they are valid M-SEARCH messages. From this, it seems most likely that MinimServer is receiving M-SEARCH messages from Audionet and is sending responses to these messages but either your network or AVG is blocking these responses so that Audionet does not receive them. Because these responses are sent using UDP, it is not possible for MinimServer to know that they have not been received.
Mmmm.... I did install the IOS version on my iPad to do the test I mentioned.
My wife uses a Android tablet and we did install the Audionet aMM trial version.
Result: MinimServer and all renderers found in a split second (app looks much better than the IOS version) and the volumecontrol button does work in contrary to the IOS version.
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