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Using app with minimserver
23-08-2020, 13:38
Post: #134
RE: Using app with minimserver
(23-08-2020 12:36)janamdo Wrote:  Thanks!
It is working now after a activating rescan button on minimserver page ( overlooked it of course, but it can be enlarged the app screen on phone)
Handling this on the app with two shortcuts is still not ideal, but no clicking with mouse from computer anymore
Sometime ago (like stefano_mbp just out of curiosity) I downloaded the Audionet app.
Since the results where even worse, not finding MinimServer even after a rescan or restart, only finding my Linn, I concluded I could not be of any help.
Today I powered on my old CA StreamMagic 6 and noticed that after selecting the renderer in the Audionet app it immediately connected with MinimServer.
This behaviour is consistent I have tried this several times.
Since I also use Bubble Server, there could be the possibility this software having influence, however even with my PC turned off the the situation stays the same.
I realise this information wont solve your problem, however it might be of any help, maybe someone with knowledge of network discovery can figure out what might be the cause of your problems.

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