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Using app with minimserver
10-08-2020, 20:54
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RE: Using app with minimserver
Thanks for this. The log shows that the control point at is talking to MinimServer, browsing the library and successfully playing music.

The log that I need to see is for the situation where the control point is unable to find MinimServer. Please do the following:

1) On Windows, select 'Show log' from the MinimServer pop-up menu and set the logging level to Debug.

2) On Windows, select 'Properties' to open the MinimServer properties page. On the System tab, set ohnet.debug to All.

3) Exit MinimServer and also stop the smartphone app by powering off the smartphone.

4) Launch MinimServer using the desktop launch icon. Ths clears all previous history from the minimserver.log file.

5) Power on the smartphone and start the smartphone app. From what you have said in previous posts, the smartphone app should fail to fnd MinimServer.

6) Wait about 1 minute and then select Exit from the MinimServer pop-up menu.

7) In the folder C:\Users\your-user-name\AppData\Roaming\MinimServer\data, you will see a file named minimserver.log. Copy this file to some other location, then compress (zip) the file and attach it to a post here.
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