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Using app with minimserver
04-08-2020, 09:14
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RE: Using app with minimserver
A UPnP device can be discovered either by the control point sending an M-SEARCH request or the device sending an Alive notification. When the control point starts, it sends M-SEARCH and all devices should respond. In addition, every 15 to 30 minutes, each device should send an Alive notification.

If the network is functioning correctly, MinimServer will be discovered by the control point when MinimServer responds to the control point's M-SEARCH request. If this response to M-SEARCH is blocked by the network, MinimServer will not be discovered by the control point.

When you restart MinimServer, it sends an Alive notification and this forces it to be discovered by the control point with no need for M-SEARCH.

Some devices implement a nonstandard workaround for this M-SEARCH issue by "flooding" the network with very frequent Alive notifications. It is possible that your Viera TV is doing this but I cannot be sure without seeing a packet trace from your network. MinimServer uses the ohNet stack for UPnP communication and ohNet does not "flood" the network in this way.

The other possibility is that your TV is connected to the network in a different way than the device running MinimServer (for example, wireless rather than wired, or via a different switch). This can affect network discovery if all components in your network are not working correctly.
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