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MinimStreamer 0.7 license expiry date changed
03-07-2020, 11:30
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MinimStreamer 0.7 license expiry date changed
The license exiry date for MinimStreamer 0.7 has been extended from 31 July 2020 to 31 October 2020.

I had hoped that MinimServer 2 and MinimStreamer 2 would be available for all supported platforms before 31 July. This might still happen but there would not be enough time for MinimStreamer 0.7 users to evaluate MinimStreamer 2 and migrate to it before their current license expires.

Updating from MinimStreamer 0.7.15 to 0.7.16 automatically extends the license to 31 October 2020. MinimStreamer 0.7.16 is an automatic update, so it is installed automatically when MinimServer is started. It can also be installed using MinimWatch from the About dialog (Show updates button) or from the Packages tab of the Properties dialog.

This change does not affect MinimServer 2 users and does not change the expiry date for MinimStreamer 2 licenses.
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