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Configuring Minimserver 2 - Classical
18-05-2020, 20:45 (This post was last modified: 18-05-2020 20:59 by MarkT.)
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Configuring Minimserver 2 - Classical
Hi Simon

I have just upgraded to Minimserver2 – full version - so I can use the Classical Profile

When using default – it works fine as I have ComposerSort:Composer, Composer:nil. Set in the alias tags on the old minimserver and it has picked this up. If I go to Classical profile and look up composers it looks VERY disorganised (but I have found stuff I had forgotten I had recorded) – if I add “ComposerSort:Composer, Composer:nil” in the alias tag for Classical Profile – then all seems back and tidy – but I have lost some of that stuff I had forgotten I had recorded

What do you think might be the best way forward from this point?

Appreciate your help


With and without "ComposerSort:Composer, Composer:nil." in the alias tag area
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18-05-2020, 21:47
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RE: Configuring Minimserver 2 - Classical
The first screen is showing all your ComposerSort tags. The second screen is showing all your Composer tags.

Your have said that some files are missing from the first list but present in the second list. Is it possible that they are in a different position? The only name in the second list that is clearly not in the first list is B.Bernie and this would presumably be in the B section of the first list.

The Classical profile works best if all files have both Composer and ComposerSort tags and the Composer tags are in a consistent format. It seems you have taken care to use a consistent format for ComposerSort tags but not for Composer tags and this is why the default settings for the Classical profile are not looking very good.

It is easy to find the files that are missing from the first list. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select the [unknown] index entry to show all these missing files. You can then add ComposerSort tags to these files, modify the Classical profile as you have done to get the first list, and enjoy a complete composer list in a consistent format. There is nothing "wrong" with modifying the profile.

Alternatively, you could retag your entire library with SongKong. My advice would be to back up your current library first as the databases used by SongKong don't always have complete and correct information, especially for classical files. You can then compare the SongKong tagging with what you currently have and decide which you want to use going forward.
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