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Tag formatting - cannot get to work
21-05-2020, 21:28 (This post was last modified: 21-05-2020 21:35 by simoncn.)
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RE: Tag formatting - cannot get to work
Thanks for this suggestion about the special tags. There is no particular reason why these are not included and I will add them in a future update.

The list of all tags can be quite surprising. I had originally intended that MinimServer would automatically read all tags from all files but when I saw this list from my library I added the indexTags and itemTags properties to filter what tags MinimServer would read.

I really appreciate your questions as these help me to understand what is difficult for a new user to understand. Please keep them coming!

In case you don't realise this, it isn't necessary to have an underscore in Audio_Quality. MinimServer is fine with tag names that contain spaces, so this could be named Audio Quality if you prefer.
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