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Tag formatting - cannot get to work
20-05-2020, 15:47
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RE: Tag formatting - cannot get to work
(20-05-2020 15:08)Karen Wrote:  hmmm - I am interested in this last comment "you can use #Audio tags as values in indexFormat". I would love to set up an Index that combined the two fields #audioformat and #audiodata but am struggling to get a syntax that works.

I have indexTags including .., #AudioData:Audio Data, #AudioFormat:Format,

And then tried tagFormat of #AudioFormat.indexFormat={$#audioformat$#audiodata}

But no joy. Should this be possible?
thanks again, sorry for hassle,

The answer is in the following paragraph:-

The indexFormat option doesn't replace any existing tags in the item. For example, the option
would add a WorkByTitle tag if it doesn't exist in this item. No tag would be added if the item already has a WorkByTitle tag. This limitation doesn't apply to the Artist tag.

Above extracted from the Index tag formatting section of the user guide.

Try adding an index entry, that is not an existing tag, and refer to it in an indexFormat entry.
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